Our knowledge, experiences and insights are pointless

unless we share them.

And when we share our stories honestly, it underscores the way we trust and contribute to each other in meaningful ways.

Moving from India to Australia and having the opportunity to develop my own businesses, I’ve learnt valuable insights and practical lessons along the way

Many of us strive to do life on our own terms but let’s face it, rarely can we do it alone. I’ve been blessed by people who’ve inspired and encouraged me to reach for the aspirations I dreamt of.  

I know that when you feel empowered and have purpose, no challenge is too great or barrier too difficult as you work towards those meaningful goals.

As a speaker, my aim is to connect and share the things I have discovered so that in some small way it may help others in their professional and personal life.


Communities & Associations

I belong to and support.

Ambisie connects business owners and entrepreneurs with schools, colleges and universities to share, inspire and motivate the next generation with real-life stories and experiences.

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Promotes ongoing exchange of ideas and provides a platform for peer to peer support and development for real estate professionals with a specialist skill, area of specific interest or geographic location.

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RER, the largest independent network of real estate agencies and professionals in Australia and New Zealand, promotes innovation and learning through workshops, events, and programs.

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If your event is now online due to Covid-19, I am still available to present.

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Life’s always busy (!) but I’m all for sharing my journey in business, my personal life experience and what I’ve learned and observed along the way.

I love to teach simple and practical ways on how to be a better leader that empowers others.

If you think I may be a good fit for your next event, it would be great to hear from your organisation.

Previous speaking events:
  • The Business of Real Estate, Gold Coast 2018
  • The Business Leader Event, Singapore 2018
  • The Principal Advance, Hamilton, New Zealand 2018
  • Leadership in Real Estate Conference, Melbourne 2019
  • Original Campus Presentation, Melbourne 2019

Topics covered:

The Art of Leadership | How to Build a Company | Business Growth | Personal Development | Finding Purpose

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What gets between you and transforming your world?

Everyone has the potential for greatness, to be an inspiring leader and empower others to do good. But to unlock our potential whilst dealing with busy lives can be complicated and emotionally wrought.

This book is for those who want to be better leaders and people.

I show you how I transformed my world and how you can too by asking the fundamental questions that guide you towards the answers you already have inside – which is much more valuable. Whatever you want to be or to achieve, this is a good place to start.

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